Small Businesses: Grow Revenue 23% with Better Branding and Content

August 24, 2023

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When embarking on the journey of establishing a small or new business, it's imperative to recognize that a strong brand identity encompasses more than mere logos and colors. Rather, it emerges as a pivotal element capable of significantly impacting your road to success. Simultaneously, it presents itself as a formidable undertaking, demanding a conscious effort each day to uphold content creation and branding standards. Within this article, we'll delve into the essence of brand quality and illuminate the art of crafting a brand that resonates deeply with your target audience.

Before dismissing this as if it isn’t relevant for your business, bear in mind these three key statistics that hold true universally across industries:

  • A potent brand holds a 15% higher likelihood of attracting and retaining customers (University of Michigan).
  • Brands with strength exhibit a 10% greater likelihood of commanding premium prices (University of Texas).
  • An overwhelming 92% of consumers emphasize the importance of a robust brand when making a purchase (HubSpot).

The Influence of a Strong Brand

1. Building Trust and Credibility:

Starbucks stands as a prime contender of how a consistent brand identity has the power to foster trust. A professional image not only enhances credibility but also entices customers to favor your business over competing alternatives. Your quality perpetually intertwines with an image – when consumers encounter a trusted symbol in their surroundings, they instinctively gravitate towards that brand, even in the face of potentially superior alternatives.

2. Distinguishing Yourself from Competitors:

A majority, if not all of us, operate within competitive spaces where there is plenty of money to be made. Revisiting the Starbucks case, their establishment of a unique identity enables them to transcend the sea of competitors. Various facets – from logos to colors to drink names – intertwine, granting them a distinctive edge. A unique brand identity propels you above the competitive clamor, ensnaring your desired audience.

3. Facilitating Decision-Making:

In markets characterized by fierce competition, consumers yearn for streamlined choices, particularly if your offering closely parallels that of a competitor. Infusing even a modicum of distinctiveness into your brand offers consumers a default selection: "Let's opt for that brand." Patagonia's unwavering commitment to sustainability radiates through its branding. A well-defined identity simplifies the decision-making process, guiding customers to choose Patagonia for their coat needs.

4. Amplifying Marketing Activity:

By upholding a robust, unified identity rooted in logos, colors, and tone, you can amplify your marketing endeavors without necessitating a corresponding increase in physical effort. A consistent pattern of posting and sharing within a coherent brand framework gradually associates your content with your brand. Consider Nike's iconic "Just Do It" slogan. When one hears this phrase, the immediate association is Nike. The beauty lies in its simplicity – posting "Just Do It" with an image of a shoe in a newspaper, on Instagram, or elsewhere serves to etch Nike into the minds of consumers whenever shoes come to view.

For realtors, a consistent tagline, phrase, colors, etc. ensure consumers invariably think of you upon spotting a "For Sale" sign or a nice house.

For fitness coaches, each time a consumer glimpses someone working out in a park, thoughts gravitate towards you.

All this due to brand – not a couple $500 payments in Google or Instagram ads.

5. Fostering Customer Referrals:

Constructing a brand rooted with trustworthiness and content that resonates ignites human instinct – sharing your brand with others, even among those who haven't directly utilized your services. Everlane's ethical practices resonate, propelling customers to become advocates. A robust brand connection serves as a catalyst for customers to spread the word.

Four Key Approaches to Crafting a Potent Brand:

1. Defining Your Brand's Purpose and Values:

Embarking on this journey isn't as daunting as it may seem. Begin by asking, "What words do we aim to have synonymous with our brand?" Compile a list and ensure each blog post, social update, and image you create consistently conveys that message.

2. Understanding Your Target Audience:

Adapting your content to cater to your audience's preferences is paramount. The significance of well-designed content cannot be overstated; haphazard content design could alienate individuals from Generation X and Millennials in the service sector.

3. Cultivating a Distinct Visual Identity:

Aesthetics invariably influence decisions. A consistent look and feel not only convey stability and quality but also establish a visual association. Regularize your logo, colors, fonts, key terms/values, and more – even fonts. This compiles your Brand guide and voice.

4. Nurturing Employee Buy-In:

Empower your team, even if it comprises only two or three members, to feel a sense of ownership in your brand. After all, the brand represents them and their vested interest. Engaging them in sharing the brand serves as a collective effort.

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