How it works

A fractional team that masters your business, doesn't outsource, and becomes your operational partner

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Who are OutDo Team Members

Our team is our reputation. We follow a rigorous process when hiring the right employees to join OutDo so that you can rest assured you will have the most skilled, trusted, and productive team possible.

  • Values and personality
    We ensure every assistant posses our core values that translate to the integrity you expect when hiring a teammate.

  • Experience
    Every OutDo employee has industry and practitioner experience ensuring that you are not just hiring someone 'learning on the job.'

  • Education as a priority
    OutDo employees have advanced degrees in fields such as Economics or Communications and/or equal years experience.

  • Fluent & native speakers
    Our entire team is made up of native or fluent english speakers so you do not have to worry about communication breakdown.

  • Commitment
    We commit to forming meaningful relationships and understanding your needs over the long term

The process we trust

Our step by step process quickly gets you up and running and productive

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Step 1. Consultation

Schedule a 15-minute exploratory call and tell us about your goals and business needs. We'll show you how our employees work with other businesses, and answer any questions you have. We then can walk you through the standard package needed for what your needs are.

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Step 2. Meet Your Team

Meet your our Customer Success Manager and the Operational Lead who directly manages your account for you. We will do a planning call and start to collect all the details necessary to build your GTM strategy.

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Step 3. Onboarding

After planning and building initial kickoffs for the areas we will be working on we will perform an onboarding. We will set up our communication channels, show you our initial goals for the first period.

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Step 4. Get to work

Congrats! You and your fractional team are now ready to take on the world. Our Customer Success Manager will sync with you every two weeks for check-ins.