Five minutes on how a Virtual Assistant Can Improve Your Business

August 21, 2023

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This quick read delves into the impact of having virtual assistants (VAs) – who they are, the spectrum of tasks they can (or can't) handle, and the wide range of ways you can harness their expertise to transform your business. We will not be forgiving is some of our thoughts but that is what we are here for, honesty on our space.

Defining Remote (or Virtual) Assistants, who are they? A virtual assistant serves as your remote task master teammate, providing indispensable administrative support (or specialist task support) either part-time or full-time. From scheduling appointments and orchestrating phone calls to driving new business pipeline and handling your social brand, they effortlessly manage tasks comparable to those of an executive assistant.

Can a VA do more than Admin work? OutDo frequently encounters clients who've grappled with mismatched VAs - individuals unable to align with their service vision, adapt swiftly, or contribute effectively. The resounding answer? Yes, remote assistants can indeed specialize in your unique needs, be it sales, accounting, and more. However, the secret lies in sourcing service providers or individuals boasting honed skills and experiences parallel to your requisites. Extensive due diligence is paramount; scrutinize their educational backgrounds and training. Beware of one-size-fits-all virtual assistant services - building a business takes years, and true mastery cannot be expedited overnight. The right expertise is built over time, aligning with your pace and quality needs.

What does it cost to have a VA? Quantifying the cost of hiring a remote assistant can be intricate. It's a mesh of what your specialization needs are, the language fluency you seek, timezone alignment, and the total of hours demanded. Our skilled assistants are experienced in sales, recruitment, and content management, complemented by native or fluent English proficiency and college education and based in America. Here is an example of our pricing which can serve as a benchmark for others you may consider: 

  • 10 hours a week x 4 weeks: $299 monthly
  • 20 hours a week x 4 weeks: $499 monthly
  • 40 hours a week x 4 weeks: $999 monthly

Seizing the Virtual Advantage: Unleash Growth

  • Core Competency: Your entrepreneurial journey thrives due to your expertise, it is why you built your business or are high up on your firm. Leveraging virtual assistants for non-expertise tasks grants you bandwidth to catalyze revenue-generating activites.
  • Contract Flexibility: Full-time employment beckons increased salary burdens, taxes, and onboarding costs. Opting for services like OutDo translates into dynamic monthly subscriptions – agile in scaling up or down, without overhead or resource strains.
  • Fluid Adaptation: Business ebbs and flows. With employees, scaling up and down pose challenges; services pivot effortlessly from month to month like at OutDo, so you can ramp up and down when you need to.
  • Instant Expertise: Strategic VA selection is the conduit to swiftly onboarding specialists, often within 24 hours. Avert protracted hiring processes, driving expedient results.
  • Multifaceted Prowess: Virtual Assistants, nurtured through numerous roles at different companies can over perform employees confined to singular roles or same corporates for too long. Their expansive skill set stems from the challenges met across various firms, crystallizing adaptability and performance.

Spotlight on VA Expertise

  • General Administration Mastery: Harness the quintessential virtual assistance support. Delegate travel management, payroll, appointments, and team communication, channeling your energies into growth and productivity.
  • Lead Generation: Catalyst for Growth: If profitability and expansion top your priorities, VA firms specializing in lead generation are invaluable. OutDo, led by sales trailblazers, offers insight into scaling sales organizations and cultivating VA expertise.
  • Content Crafting Excellence: In an AI-dominated landscape, rich and authentic (valuable) content reigns supreme. Expertly managing brand image and content is pivotal, if you are not doing this (or well) then someone else is and taking organic business from you. Vetted VA firms excel in this realm.

We are empowering clients across these areas, at OutDo we try to be a guiding beacon to meaningful and result focused outcomes and not just offloading some tasks. We want to help grow your business and giving you time back.

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