Efficiency Gained: 11 Tasks to Delegate for $299/month to an Assistant that Grow your Business

August 25, 2023

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This is your guide to unleashing efficiency and mastering delegating tasks in your business. In the world of entrepreneurship and leading a business, time is your most valuable resource, and allocating it wisely can determine the trajectory of success and also your quality of life. This is where the power of delegation comes into play, offering you the opportunity to focus on what truly matters while ensuring essential tasks are expertly managed.

In this blog, we'll delve into ways to redefine the way you run your business. Imagine having a dedicated assistant at your disposal, ready to tackle a range of crucial tasks, all for $299 per month. It's the most trusted solution that empowers you to reclaim precious time, boost productivity, and fuel the growth engine of your business.

From administrative responsibilities that often consume valuable hours to strategic initiatives that require your undivided attention, these 11 tasks are tailor-made for delegation. Here are the 11 things that you need to finally say to yourself “it is time to hire a specialized assistant to help.” 

11 Tasks to Delegate to an Assistant 

  1. Customer Support: Skilled assistants can provide customer service support by responding to inquiries, resolving issues, and maintaining a positive customer experience, even outside regular business hours. Not to mention they will be much better than you at this as they would be dedicated to this ensuring an even higher level of quality and response time.
  2. Data Entry and Management: Virtual assistants can handle data entry, database management, and data organization, ensuring your business information is accurate and easily accessible. Nothing hurts more than a broken CRM that harms your ability to know your business well and bring in new revenue. 
  3. Bookkeeping and Accounting: VAs can assist in basic bookkeeping tasks such as recording transactions, preparing invoices, and tracking expenses, helping you maintain financial clarity. Ever needed to chase a client for payment? Delegate that. 
  4. Social Media & Content: If you’re a new or growing brand, you need to be spending every single day on content and social. Delegate social tasks like content creation, scheduling posts, and responding to comments to VAs, who can help maintain a consistent online presence and achieve the high quality content needed to be meaningful. 
  5. Lifestyle Planning: You’re a business business owner or executive, your VA can learn your preferences on travel such as accommodations and flights to be able to fully craft the best travel itinerary possible and not give you any fuss. Get on the plan, enjoy the trip and never worry about scheduling a thing. 
  6. Email Marketing: VAs can manage email marketing campaigns, create newsletters, and track engagement metrics to keep your audience informed and engaged.
  7. Appointment Setting: VAs are a dream when it comes to managing a calendar, let them be the central planner to the schedule ensuring nothing gets dropped and you can scale your business and meet client demands on their own appointments with you. 
  8. Project Coordination: VAs can assist in project management by organizing tasks, tracking deadlines, and ensuring projects stay on track. Not only that they can become the central contact point for the project team and be able to provide you meaningful progress reports - again - delegate to your team to get those tasks done. 
  9. Lead Generation: VAs can research and compile lists of potential leads or clients, helping you expand your customer base. They can craft messaging and do the one to one or mass outreach needed to fill the top of your client funnel. 
  10. Language Translation: If your business deals with international clients, VAs with language skills can assist with translation tasks. Many VAs are multilingual and using mass translators online are not helpful in the social level of conversation VAs are. 
  11. Online Store Management: For e-commerce businesses, VAs can manage product listings, inventory, and order processing. As well as handle research on what new products could be brought to the store and customer inquiries. 

Ready to try working with an Assistant?

At OutDo we have set the bar high by hiring only the most qualified experienced Assistants in the Americas. Our mixture of requirements between excellent communication skills, admin skills, and real-world experience will be able to provide you with the most impactful and trustworthy teammate you can find. 

Our team seamlessly comes into your business without any tasks you need to do, read more about our process here or schedule time with us to learn more on a call

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